August 24, 1986 was a bad day for Paul Morgan (aka "Freck"), from Biloxi, Mississippi. An 18-year-old high school student with a scholarship to West Point already secured, he was returning home after a day of boating with friends... when he fell off the back of their pick-up truck and was run over by the boat trailer they were towing. Several nerves in his spinal cord were injured, leading to partial paralysis of his legs below the knee and total paralysis below the ankles.

After extensive surgery (including the removal of a kidney) and rehabilitation, Freck regained the ability to walk with the help of leg braces, but he wants a new pair of hydraulic prosthetics that would allow him to walk naturally and even run again. Unfortunately, these prosthetics cost $200,000* and are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. So what's a savvy guy like Freck going to do? The answer seemed obvious:

He will amputate his feet with a guillotine and broadcast the operation live on the Internet.

And, of course, sell webcam access at $20 a pop. The current target date is November 30, 2001 January 5, 2002 once he gets enough money, and he is hoping to get 200,000 viewers. (As of mid-August 2001, 10 people had signed up.) Take a look at for the full scoop, including schematics of the guillotine, video clips of Freck, T-shirt offers, truly disturbing cartoon art of chopped-off feet, and a candid FAQ:

Q: Are you insane?
A: No, I am not insane. This is something that I've thought through very carefully. But for all of you who still doubt, I plan to have a full psychiatric evaluation done to prove that I'm completely sane.

*According to News of the Weird (26.8.2001), but I couldn't confirm this figure on his website -- he does, however, note that the prosthetics manufacturer wanted all mention of their name removed...

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