I never remember my dreams - and it leaves me feeling disconnected, unreal. It's like my brain just shuts off at night. I close my eyes in the darkness of my bed, and when I open them again, nothing has changed inside - only around me. Sleep is something I do only out of boredom. It doesn't seem to help me; I feel just as tired when I awaken as when I lay down to sleep. For kicks, I spend days on end without the sleep. I just stare at the TV instead of sleeping. It has about the same effect. But eventually - mind you, it takes almost a week - I fall asleep.

I wake to the most wonderful sensation - I'm flying! The sun beams down on me, warm and intense - like Florida. I look about me and realize that I'm a kite - high above the sands of a beach. My string extends back to the beach, undoutedly to some little boy or girl's hand. The gentle breeze coming in off the ocean is soothing and I let it take me from gust to gust. The thrill of freedom, the excitement of the air about me....

When I actually do wake up, the dreams fade again, and I wallow about with no subconscious for weeks on end.

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