College football, once the prime example of all that was American and good, is under fire. Everywhere we turn, we see stories in the liberal media about the incipient intrusions of organized gambling, drug rings, steroid abuse, sexual abuse, alcoholism and more. Their solution? To regulate college sports through intimidation of colleges and players; to stamp out any effort by the players to control their circumstances by imposing more and more draconian restrictions on their behavior both on and off the field.

This cannot go on.

I used to hope that eventually America would wake up and understand the attack that its traditions are under, but apparently that is not to be the case. My adopted country is suffering from the predations of a runamok media and a complicit, regulation-happy political atmosphere.

Why should players be unable to receive compensation? If they are better at their sport than any others, then you must pay them to play them - that's capitalism in action. You might attract them to a team initially through the prestige of your university - but that, itself, is fundamentally unfair. Not all colleges are equal. Why, then, is the one way the smaller and less well-known schools have to equal the playing field so reviled?

Why should players be held to a stricter standard of behavior than their classmates? Because the media is watching? Hogwash. Their President Willie was partaking in much worse behavior (cigar abuse! cigar abuse!) and the media was drooling and present. Because the students might, horror of horrors, let slip what college can be all about? Say it isn't so! No, it's because those that were unable to participate in sports in college - due in most cases to their physiques, but in some due to their sheer lack of character - are hell-bent on catching them out-of-bounds.

These young men and women will go on perhaps to play for professional leagues. Contract negotiation and relations with a sports organization as employer are, to them, vocational training! Why, then, can they not learn their trade if they so wish? Why can't they enter their trade early, as some students consult, others proofread, some write, some keep house, and all for pay?

Because the sports are under attack, my friends. Pay careful attention to what happens out there on the campuses, for if it can happen there, it will happen in your living room on Super Bowl day next. Don't let them turn the red eye of leftism on our country's proud young folk as they compete!

This node was 'hidden' at writing time because I accidentally posted it incomplete, and because I'm a bit nervous of my first node given the atmosphere I've seen around here.

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