Georgia State University was founded in 1913. The campus is located in the center of downtown Atlanta. There are also two satellite campuses located in Alpharetta and Gwinnett. The university is comprised of seven colleges and schools.

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Health and Human Sciences
College of Law
Robinson College of Business

The school is also the home to the William Russell Pullen Library. The university is still considered to be a primarily commuter college. However, there are four buildings that make up the available student housing. These four buildings are located inside of a complex which was built for the 1996 Olympic Games. The complex has been renamed since the games and is now known as The Georgia State University Village.

The university is considered to be one of the premier urban research centers in the southeastern United States. It is the states second largest university with an enrollment of 24,000 students each fall. The following is the university’s mission taken from the website (, links added):

As the only urban research university in Georgia, Georgia State University offers educational opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels by blending the best of theoretical and applied inquiry, scholarly and professional pursuits, and scientific and artistic expression. As an urban research university with strong disciplinary-based departments and a wide array of problem-oriented interdisciplinary programs, the goal of the university is to develop, transmit, and utilize knowledge in order to provide access to quality education for diverse groups of students, to educate leaders for the State of Georgia and the nation, and to prepare citizens for lifelong learning in a global society.

My personal view of the university is slightly different. I think it is a good institution in general but it caters to a very specific group of people. At times it seems as though anyone with half of a brain cell could graduate with a degree from GSU. Many of the professors are very agreeable and easily swayed. This makes for a very lax learning environment and in turn means that anyone interested in learning something must be content with teaching themselves. This suits me just fine and there are a few professors that will help students who truly want to learn.

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