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The problem with the JBS today is its history. Very few people today are aware of the role of consciousness-raising this organization played in the 1950s and 1960s. Despite the continuing evidence coming to light of massive COMINTERN interference in the governance of many Western nations, their voices went mostly unheard. Senator Joe McCarthy's crusade became a tragic episode; due mostly to the efforts of a few dedicated communist and homosexual crusaders (the resistance beginning in Hollywood) Senator McCarthy was discredited before he was able to fully disclose the proof of the infiltration in his possession.

Although the Soviet Union no longer exists, there are thousands if not millions of disaffected Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Georgian, Chechen and other ex-Soviet people who bear the West (and the United States in general) ill will. Vigilance to protect our nation and way of life is not criminal, insane, nor ridiculous, but a noble and patriotic sacrifice.

I don't expect many here to believe me. However, a few of you may, and those few, if they begin to ask questions, have made my time here well spent.