A relatively old language dating back some 1000 years. Has roots in Latin and English. In the early part of the second millenium, Christian services were mostly in Latin, and therefore incomphrensible to the congregation, most of whom could neither read nor write English, let alone other languages.

Nowadays, Christian services are in Christianese, which has evolved from pure Latin into a hybrid of English bible quotes/references, modern day English, and accepted Christian Colloquialisms.

Some Examples:

Blessed - Had a positive experience attributed to God (more specifically, the Holy Spirit).
Filled with the Spirit - Empowered by God to do supernatural deeds.
Jesus Freak - Someone who is making radical choices to follow God, without heeding the normal conventions of society.
Just/Really - Unnecessary words used in prayer and testimony, which many Christians seem to use.
PTL - Praise the Lord
Saved - Converted
Testimony - A personal story about what God has done.
Touched by God - See Blessed, above.
Washed in the blood - Been through conversion.

Feel free to add your own.

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