A Christian jargon word that is probably a contraction of "saved from the death we deserve" or "saved from having to go to hell".

It described the state of one who has accepted / believed / received Jesus' substitutionary death for themselves and are attempting to live as a Christian following the teachings in the Bible.


I was saved at about age 21, by a 6 foot 5 red headed ROTC Navy boy. He was more or less covered with red fur. He would quote his born again memorized verses at me and I'd go look up the reference to get the context. Then I'd argue about how he used it, that taken in context it didn't mean what he was trying to make it mean. That Paul, man, he has a lot to answer for. The ROTC Navy boy been raised Lutheran as a good Wisconsin boy, but to my surprise I knew more of the bible. All of that sacred music that I'd been raised with, straight out of the bible. Plus I'd been trained to memorize stuff.

We were at his parent's house. They put me in a little guest house. He walked me down there and left, uh, just in time to keep us from fully sinning.

I decided to accept Christ into my heart …. conditionally. I said, ok, look, I'll believe on one condition. Practically everyone I know and a hell of a lot of interesting people will be in hell. So I accept You only if I can go to Hell not Heaven. I figured that was probably a bargain that both God and the Devil would go for. I didn't approve of the division between Heaven and Hell. Seemed like another fucking clique. Not that they asked me. Lightning did not strike me dead.

I didn't tell the Navy boy. I did not think that he would approve of me bargaining or going off to hell to meet Buddha and Machiavelli and you know, all those Hellions.

I didn't tell anyone. Why the fuck would I? It was between me and God.

I'd forgotten about it, honestly. Until recently, when I started singing Saved. Then I thought, oh, I already did that.......

I figure baptism is a formality. And I've been submerged in the water enough the last month to last a lifetime.

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