The Chocolate Chaucer was invented sometime in the early 1990s by Mistress Heirusalem Crystoma (mka Sarah Rogers) at the Pennsic War. It is considered to be the official drink of SCA chroniclers. Somehow, I ended up becoming the official bartender, server and cabana boy for this drink. I'm still a little unclear on how that happened. Alcohol and sex were likely involved. It is named after medieval chronicler Geoffrey Chaucer.

    The drink consists of the following:
  • One shot Kahlúa.
  • One shot Godiva Creme Liqueur.
  • One shot (or two) vodka (good quality only, poor quality throws the taste off).
  • Top off with chocolate milk. The preferred chocolate milk for this purpose comes from Fisher's Dairy in Portersville, Pennsylvania which has an extremely high fat content. Thin chocolate milks react poorly with the vodka.
  • Stir with a red pen and serve in a cheap red plastic glass. Don't ask why.
  • Drink.
  • Repeat until you wake up naked in someone else's tent and have no idea who they are, how you got there or why they're giggling at you.

It is said that the drink has mystical properties, particularly when drank by copy editors on deadline. It makes minor typographic and layout errors magically disappear...only to turn up the next morning when the paper comes back from the printers.

It's gotten me through five Pennsics now and I expect it will get me through many more. Alcohol and chocolate are a very compelling combination.

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