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"I could have conquered Europe, all of it, but I had women in my life." - King Henry II of England
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Name: Tarkus

Location: Deepest Darkest Western New York. Note to those who live outside this area: Western New York does not mean Staten Island, or anywhere else near that festering, blighted sewer pit at the mouth of the Hudson.

Age: Old enough to find girls pretty but still young enough not to be disgustingly creepy about it. Sort of like a bearded Richard Gere but without the obscene amounts of money, the agent and the acting talent. And a lot grumpier too. And without all the grey hair.

Politics: anarcho-capitalist left-libertarian. You know, the kind of people who were once known as "conservatives" before the Christian-supremacist, Dixiecrat, big-government loving, police-state making, Confederate flag-waving, Constitution-burning, interventionist, Taliban-wannabee Osama clones from the south stole the term in 1980 and then claimed that that is what conservatism was all the time, whereupon Barry Goldwater spent the rest of his career telling them what bigoted, unamerican, anti-conservative fucks they really are.

Hobbies: Complicated strategy games, medieval reenactment.

Music listened to: progressive rock, classical music, jazz fusion, art rock.

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: 4.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.77

I posted this just for reference but I think that a great deal of the questions on the political compass are far too vague and because of that, one ends up giving inaccurate answers, skewing the results.