Daughter of Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru from Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century, Chibi Usa dropped out of the sky and into our time in the second season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, episode 60. Named after her mother, "Chibi Usa" means "LIttle Usagi". Her birthday is June 30th. Her sign is Cancer, and her blood type is O. She attends Minato-ku Juuban Elementary School where her favorite subject is drawing, and her least favorite subject is Japanese.

Her favorite food is pudding, and her least favorite food is carrots. Her favorite color is red.

She was brainwashed into becoming the evil Black Lady in the R season, but was saved by Sailor Moon. In Sailor Moon S she was sent back to the 20th century for training and became a Sailor Senshi, Sailor Chibi Moon. In Sailor Moon Supers, she transformed into Super Sailor Chibi Moon!

Usagi treats her like dirt. Maybe that's why she's a brat? I mean, how would you like to be called a fungus and be yelled at all the time? It's a fact that Usagi would make a poor mom at this point. Maybe she's a better mom in the future when she actually gives birth to Chibi, but not now. I think Makoto would be able to take care of Chibi-Usa better.

Most fans of Sailor Moon (and most of those who just watch it casually) can be classified into two groups, namely those for whom Chibu-Usa is beyond their personal saccharinity threshold, and those for whom this is not the case. The latter ones find her cute and adorable, while the first group hates her with a passion and refers to her as "The Antichrist in Pink" or "Pink Toilet Brush".

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