The second part of the Sailor Moon series. Queen Beryl has been defeated and the senshi face two mysterious aliens, Alan and Ann. They try to feed their doom tree using energy from people on Earth. (Why is it that everyone in the Sailor Moon universe is obsessed with energy?) Anyway, later on Chibi-Usa shows up and the senshi face baddies from the dark moon kingdom. Poor girls, they never get a rest.

Just a few notes:

  • The R supposedly stands for Romance
  • In the Japanese version the aliens are named "Ail" and "Ann", a pun on "alien". They did not appear in the manga.
  • Their human names were Ginga Seijuurou and Ginga Natsumi respectively.
  • In the Japanese version Chibi-Usa's evil form is named Black Lady - changed in the English version for obvious reasons. ("Mommy! The black lady is evil!")
  • For one brief moment we get a hint that Usagi's best friend Naru knows she is Sailor Moon! We thought that was really cool, but we're pretty geeky.

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