A freshly mowed lawn where old men with beers
playing horseshoes and croquet
(it isn't true)
fat women in red convertibles feign happy
at reunions
they sit on lawnchairs and coolers in the center
of this oasis city
college students in broken down trucks consider
poetry and applications
#26 smokes a cigarette and pretends
he's got somewhere to go
(he wishes his hair was longer)
mini-vans carry camping families
spoiled happy children with candy, mommy
horny wishes they could be alone again
daddy remembers the other girls before
bare chested boys on bicycles, bald
shaky man skating falls waits for others
(okay, thanks)
little girl orange polka dot skirt crosses the
piranha and crocodiles
(that was close)
high school boys drive slow with music connecting
and securing apart, safely apart
all so safe and apart
arguing married and old
red-nosed alcoholic no shirt on
walks home to wait next time

the old men return
beers gone
nothing solved, while a
young Spanish girl ignores my
smile and hurries on...

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