Abbreviation for Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol.

CONMEBOL is the organization that coordinates international soccer (football to non-Americans) in South America, including World Cup qualifying.

For World Cup 2002, CONMEBOL qualifying is very simple compared to other regions (see CONCACAF and AFC, for example). All 10 nations in CONMEBOL play each other twice, one home and once away (for 18 matches total, for each team). The top 4 teams will qualify for the World Cup in 2002. The 5th place team will play the winner of the Oceania region in a home and away playoff, with the winner qualifying for the World Cup.

The 10 nations in CONMEBOL are Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. (Interestingly, other countries that are in South America, such as Surinam and Guyana, are part of CONCACAF).

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