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Who ever knows where to begin?

Booga is a recent high school graduate of a small offbeat private school nestled in the rainy valleys of Ithaca, next door to Cornell campus (to which he can confirm it does indeed look beautiful, when it is not buried in snow). Due to prolonged exposure to the internet user has developed an acute RSI and may or may not be mentally retarded. He wears two wrist braces to counter this (silly, braces do not counter retardation!), and lovingly refers to his right brace as the "Power Glove", insisting that it gives him a distinct gaming advantage over the world, though it mainly just serves to look dumb. Booga enjoys computer games, console games, board games, and any other sort of thing that has games as part of its name. An avid player of DDR, he is almost able to pass one of the legendary Maxes on Heavy. Speaking of music, Booga also has a wide musical pallette, and has been known to dick around on a keyboard or a guitar in attempts to produce these musical sounds. Booga hates the day and is a creature of the night, but wishes that the birds would stop invading his personal time by arriving promptly at 4:30 am every morning.

Booga has recently taken up residence at MTU under the guise of a computer science major. He lives with 3 other roommates in East McNair Hall that he constantly keeps up past 4 am on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you're in the area, drop him a message, as he recently discovered college can be awful boring.

Music in recent circulation:

the Slip - Alivelectric, Alive Acoustic, Does, From the Gecko, Angels Come on Time, live sets (Live at Lupo's, Slip with Love 2004 Comp)
Wilco - A Ghost is Born, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antartica, Good News for People Who Like Bad News

Add to taste:
Bjork, Less Than Jake, Karate, Blink 182, Gadjits, the Impossibles, the Bluebeats, Skalars, Saves the Day, Skatalites, Slow Gherkin, Pietasters, Slackers, many game soundtracks, and many many electronic artists...

Games currently in the hopper:

Linux ;)

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Animal Crossing
Zelda: Windwaker
Metroid Prime
Soul Calibur 2

Playstation 2:
Shadow Hearts

Soul Calibur (The legend will never die!)