A ska band from St. Louis, Mo formed in 1992. Also used to be known as Isaac Green and the Skalars until Isaac Green retired to manage the band. I believe they are now defunct but they did a reunion show the weekend before Mardi Gras. I haven't heard of them doing anything since then. Probably the best ska band to come out of St. Louis. It is a shame they aren't together anymore. Check out their album Change Up for skankin' good time.

The band: Isaac Green for a time; Ethan D'Ercole - guitar; Will Horton - bass; Jessica Butler - vox, sax; Evan Shaw - trombone, vox; Jason Brody for a time - farfisa; Eric Ottens - keyboard; and Dave Sharma - drums.

Change Up -- Moon Records (1999)
Skoolin' With the Skalars -- Moon Records (1996), as Isaac Green & the Skalars
Junbok Paranoia -- ?? (1996)

Notes about the Skalars: Will Horton & Jessica Butler, and I believe Issac Green, Ethan D'Ercole and Evan Shaw all went to Washington University in St. Louis, around 1991-1995. Will majored in illustration, definitely doing the cover for Skoolin' With the Skalars. Made some extremely odd, strange, and very appealing artwork, including a remarkable portfolio case made of an old suitcase & fake fur. He also "never played bass before playing with the Skalars" and "wanted to join the band, so I learned how to play bass as I went". Jessica was quite into the local music scene before going to Washington University. For a time, all of them worked in the same place, a bakery, while working on their music.

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