Saves the Day is an emo/punk-pop group from New Jersey. Goddamn do they kick ass. The band consists of 5 sexy boys named Chris(singer), Dave(guitarist), Eben(bassist), Bryan(drummer) and Ted(other guitarist). The boys' average age is about 20, but they rock harder than almost any older band I've ever heard.

Discography includes:
Can't Slow Down
I'm Sorry I'm Leaving (acoustic EP) -- vinyl has an extra track!
Through Being Cool

If you want to hear what they sound like, the songs I reccommend are Josie, Rocks Tonic Juice Magic, Shoulder to the Wheel, and I'm Sorry I'm Leaving.

I recently saw these guys open up for Face to Face at the Masquerade in Atlanta and I swear it was the best show I've ever been to. They kicked Alkaline Trio's ass. (I'm gonna get shit for that aren't I?) If you ever get a chance, you MUST see them live. It's the best emo experience you'll ever have.

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