A melodic punk band from Chicago, IL on the Asian Man Records label (update: they have signed with Vagrant Records). The name doesn't have any special meaning they wanted "something" trio, opened the dictionary and there on page 3 was the word Alkaline. *pow* the name Alkaline Trio was born.

The Band: Matt Skiba - vocals, guitar; Mike Felumlee - drums, vocals; and Dan Andriano - bass, vocals. Skiba used to be in Jerkwater and Blunt and the Traitors. Felumlee was a member of the Smoking Popes. Andriano was in Slapstick and still plays with Tuesday.

Previous members: Glenn Porter - drums, vocals; and Rob Doran - bass.

From Here to Infirmary -- Vagrant Records (2001)
s/t -- Asian Man Records (2000)
Maybe I'll Catch Fire -- Asian Man Records (2000)
Goddamnit! -- Asian Man Records (1998)
I Lied My Face Off -- Asian Man Records (1999)
For Your Lungs Only (EP) -- Asian Man Records (1998)
The folks that run i dunno (zine) think highly of them.


As an addendum to Xamot's writeup, Glenn Porter was replaced by Derek Grant after the release of From Here To The Infirmary in 2001.

In 2003, the trio released Good Mourning, a distinctively melodic, more refined album, marking their departure from traditional emunk and allowing Skiba's darker, more poetic nature manifest itself. This is most likely due to Skiba kicking his smoking habit. Good Mourning, in the tradition of Saves the Day, strolled down the path of loving violence and violently loving someone. The album's starter, This Could Be Love, says

"Step one -- slit my throat

Step two -- play in my blood

Step three -- cover me in dirty sheets and run laughing out of the house

Step four -- stop off at Edgebrook Creek and rinse your crimson hands"

Oh, the art of relinquishing oneself to another, happily being abused if only to feel the soft caress of impassioned flesh. A departure from chronicling the epic of waiting for phone calls, straining to hear footsteps outside the door, and pickling one's insides. The outstanding feature of this album is that not all the songs are about breakups! Continental mourns the final loss of a friend to addiction while Donner Party All Night is a rousing recount of The Donner Party.

In 2005, the group released Crimson which does not hold back the sinister contemplations of Skiba and the ministrations of Andriano and demonstrates their musical maturity. Their sound has come quite a way since the fast, rough, and raw riffs of Goddamnit! as Crimson makes good use of the studio, laying tracks over tracks and EQing. Crimson uses a quite a number of effects in comparison to their previous releases but does it well, not drowning out Skiba or Andriano, both of whom have also really found their singing voices and harmonies. The most interesting aspect of the development of this album: "no failed relationships!" (www.alkalinetrio.com) The content varies from good ol' emo to remembering Susan A./Sadie G. of Charles Manson infamy to protesting for the West Memphis Three, proving broken hearts aren't the only reason for living and dying.

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