A punk/rock band from San Diego, rose to genre prominence in the late 90s with the single, "Cailin" about the young daughter of lead singer Russo and an otherwise strong self-titled third album. Released their fourth album, "Elva" in early 2002, preceeded by the single, "Seein' Red."

The Band consists of:
Scott Russo (Vocals)
Wade Youman (Drums)
Steve "Kid" Morris (Guitar)
Rob Brewer (Guitar)
Pat Kim (Bass)

Releases include:
Six Song Demo -- Unwritten Law (1992)
Blurr -- Red Eye Records (1993)
Blue Room -- Red Eye Records/Epic Records (1994)
Lame -- Epic Records (Promo) (1996)
Oz Factor -- Epic Records (1996)
Denied -- Epic Records (1996)
Superman -- Epic Records (1996)
Live in Hollyweird -- Official bootleg, 2000 pressed (1997)
Unwritten Law -- Interscope (1998)
Visit to Oz -- Interscope/Rapido (1999)
Elva -- Interscope (2002)

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