A 3rd wave ska band from the Bay Area. Originally started in 1989 as a side project of Tim and Matt of Operation Ivy and Rancid fame. Rogers was a big fan of Operation Ivy and when it was time to go to college she picked a school in the Berkley, CA area. A couple days after getting there she was walking around and happened to run into what was left of DHC after Tim and Matt's departure. Soon she was singing for them. There were some lineup changes that included the addition of Kenike as a second vocalist in 1990. Soon after releasing their first album 1989-1992 they broke up. Shortly they got back together for a reunion show and stayed together.

Current band members: Elyse Rogers - vocals; Karina Denike - vocals; Jason Hammon - guitar; Mikey Weiss - bass; and Gavin Hammon - drums.

The dual female vocals of Elyse and Karina make for an interesting blend that I really like.

Live Record: Witless Banter & 25 Mildly Antagonistic Songs About Love -- Pink & Black Records (2000)
Purr -- Pink & Black Records (1999)
Blue Plate Special (bonus Tracks) -- MCA International (1999)
Blue Plate Special -- MCA Records (1998)
Honey I'm Homely -- MCA Records (1997)
The Old Record -- Honest Don's Hardly Used Recordings (1996) (this is a re-release of 1989-1992)
Lockjaw -- MCA Records (1995)
1989-1992 -- Honest Don's? (1992?)
Plus many compilations, soundtracks, and a few singles.


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