I really can’t see the humor in explaining to my professor why my homework has pornography taped to it, or having parts of an equation ripped out of my book because of taped man porn. Please make sure that these kinds of things stop. o_o

FOUND Magazine thrives on little discarded notes like the one above. For their publication they search for any odd form of writing that can be found laying on the ground, including things like love letters, random notes, doodles on loose leaf paper, birthday cards, lost homework, and anything else the magazine comes across on the sidewalk. Mixed in with the writing there are also found photographs and Polaroids as well.

Founded by Davy Rothbart, of This American Life fame, FOUND Magazine only has two issues out so far, the first in 2001 and the second in 2002, with a third issue is planned for a Fall 2003 release. But this doesn’t mean that FOUND is only a once-a-year operation, as the team is always touring around for various reasons, doing gallery shows and other arty get-togethers.

The FOUND crew has also released a compact disc called "The Booty Don’t Stop!" Originally it was a demo tape that was found in a thrift store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and was passed around for a few years before it landed in the hands of FOUND. After a little work they were able to trace the demo back to a band calling themselves "The Ypsilanti All-Starz". With 21 tracks the CD is absolutely hilarious, as it is filled with simple drum machine beats and ridiculous lyrics.

FOUND Magazine has very secure distribution, for being a relatively small operation, through their online store and else where. It’s easy to walk into any independent bookstore in most major cities and find a copy of their magazine. In addition to that several bands, including The Alkaline Trio and Rise Against, sell the magazine while out on tour.

you really are "gifted." i wish i could "talk French" like you. i just thought it was funny coming from me. Sorry for laughing.


Many of you have messaged me about sending things to FOUND Magazine. This is great because the magazine encourages people to send them things that they have found.

The first thing I would recommend is checking out their website at www.foundmagazine.com. If you want to skip that step you can send them whatever you have right away. You can send things to...

FOUND Magazine
3455 charing cross road
ann arbor, mi 48108-1911

All that FOUND asks is that with your submissions you include some information on whatever you found, including where you found it, when you found it, and the significance/your interpretations of what you found.


Sarah Butler

UPDATE: FOUND remains in business, 2022.

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