Really now, hey. I was originally going to hold off posting anything until I had a right and proper write up going, sort of start off with my best shot at this, but (at 5:30 am inspiration strikes and) I figured a daylog would be a relatively low impact way to introduce myself and get some text down. I've been lurking for a few months, well over half a year, and finally felt compelled to add a daylog entry after reading VgameT's entry yesterday (though it still seems like today) when I realized that there's definately people here I can relate to.

(If you would like to skip the sentimental crap, go ahead and scroll to the bottom.)

My day too began with rain. When the alarm went off at 11 am and they were debating some September 11th stuff on NPR (iirc), it was against my better judgement that I decided to get up. My window shades were dimly lit, and I had figured that soon the sun would be out full and shining, and I could enjoy the comfort of the internet on my back porch thanks to the aluminum and cardboard parabola I had constructed the day before to increase/concentrate the wifi coverage through the house. After I poured my first glass of sun tea for the day, I realized that it was not to be. The rain started pouring and I was stuck inside, as laptops and rain generally make a bad mix.

Lunch time came and it was in loneliness I sat at my kitchen counter, poking around on AIM and considering lunch. My parents and siblings were out (father working, mother with company, sister at school, and brother... well who knows where he goes). Lunch is quite the chore as I have a habit of screwing up about every dish I touch, and my culinary expertise only extends as far as the microwave. This isn't too bad because out of a family of five, it turns out I'm the only one who hasn't taken a liking to cooking.

I decided to take a risk with my lunch and pulled out the good old bag of Mrs. T Pierogies and went to work. It turns out I am capable of boiling things. And it was there I sat for a few hours listening to the Slip and eating my pierogies. Time passed, pierogies were been eaten, and DDR was eventually played. On the verge of passing out, I took a shower and lazily stretched out on my unmade bed.

Now laptops are dangerous things, and ever since I had gotten mine, burning time on E2 in the reclined state has been one of my favorite past times. On lesser keen days I remember waking up late into the afternoon, reading nodes and following links all the way into the night, and then falling asleep again, barely leaving the bed. E2 seems to have piqued my interest and sucked me in, something that I haven't had happen since the early days of the net. Today, it was only a few hours I had browsed, looking up nodes on everything I could, scrawling node ideas I eventually planned to write up, and then wondering when exactly I was going to join and actually write these things.

Well it turns out that'd it'd only be twelve hours later when after a half a year of lurking, that I'd finally have my own account.

Thus, I figured a daylog would be most appropriate as today marks two important occasions for me, and hopefully this will be a good anchor point that I can use to remember it. Of course the day I finally decided to join the ranks of E2 and contribute, and also the day that I graduate High School... probably both subjects that many Everythingians can relate to through direct personal experience. However I guess that doesn't leave me with much to say that hasn't been said, however I'm really hoping that graduating is worth it in the long run. (More like, I'm really hoping that my high school is still around in the case I do try to further my education.)

I'm all set up with enrollment at Michigan Tech for the fall, so I intend to use this last summer vacationing and noding. Thanks everyone for everything (literally)-- all the nodes that I have read and have yet to read, the ones that have helped me through the bad and made me laugh and that have motivated to take this step. I shall hope that I will be able to provide my best to you all (though it will only be a very small fraction of what you have collectively provided for me).

please don't lynch me because I haven't typed up something grand in my home node, that's coming soon, I promise! I just need some ... sleep...