Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars

Bombay the Hard Way is a collection of Bollywood movie soundtracks produced by legendary Indian music directors Anandji V. and Kalyanji V. Shah. In their heyday, the Shah brothers were churning out in upwards of 100 film soundtracks a year for the Mumbai movie industry machine. Bombay focuses on their more funk oriented endeavours into the uncharted realm of "Brownsploitation". Think Henry Mancini and Isaac Hayes sauteed in a savory masala of spices, all rolled up in a crunchy samosa package. To top it all off, production credits go to Dan the Automator Nakamura plus DJ Shadow throws in some phat drums! With song titles like "Fists of Curry", "Ganges a Go-Go", "Punjabis, Pimps and Players" and "Fear of a Brown Planet" how can you go wrong?

Of course, if you're more of an 80's electro Herbie Hancock "Rockit" kind of person, the sequel Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo might curry your favor. Mixmaster Mike of the Skratch Piklz and Kid Koala et al. take you front and center for an all out "Bollywood B-Boy Battle".

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