Dedication and Graves for Family

Blue Skies, stir my hair
Raindrops in a lake of reflection
mirror of me, my face, no soul
gazing back at me, from 'neath the water

Purifies, intensity, sovereign beauty
fading with the sun, a body lies in the dust

'Who am I?
Preponderence, questioning newfound innocence
a waking, within me, gentle stirring inside me
A hidden forest, pathes, coupled with a
epiphony, intellectual
proceedings, like a counsel under my skin
Well lit, meeting under the moon

Creating iron bars, cutting through walls
destroy boundaries, finding the edges of my former world,
previous existence, pacify a burning cinder inside
gasoline on the fire, fueling the hatred of war
but a piece of an iconless flag floats in the wind
Golden Wings, bringing peace, pervading all borders
No boundary immune, no walls strong enough, no weapon right...
Love as a virus, infectious, untreatable, unpreventable
A plague of peace, would it be so bad? Open, beneath...

...Cellar Door...

Written by Me

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