A 1995 album made primarily by Mike Watt, with a revolving cast of 50 or so backing musicians. A notable album because of both the backing musicians and the packaging.

Some of the more famous musicians heard on the album include:

It was packaged in a cardboard sleeve twice the length of a normal jewel case, making it hard to store. Inside were a dictionary of "Pedro Speak" or slang from the city San Pedro, where Mike Watt grew up and currently lives, as well as a cartoon done by artist Raymond Pettibon (I believe, in as much as it looks like his work.)

The tracks are:

  1. Big Train
  2. Against the 70's
  3. Drove Up from Pedro
  4. Piss-Bottle Man
  5. Chinese Firedrill
  6. Intense Song for Madonna to Sing
  7. Tuff Gnarl (originally by Sonic Youth)
  8. Sexual Military Dynamics (penned by Henry Rollins)
  9. Max and Wells
  10. E-Ticket Ride
  11. Forever - One Reporter's Opinion (a slight change from an old Minutemen song)
  12. Song for Igor
  13. Tell 'em, Boy!
  14. Sidemouse Advice
  15. Heartbeat
  16. Maggot Brain (I think this is an old P-Funk track)
  17. Coincidence Is Either Hit or Miss

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