The doggystyle position, or "from the behind" sex, is nature's way of making love. It outdates all sexual positions because it has been used by species throughout the ages. There are songs in honor of it. Snoop Dogg even went so far as devoting an album title to it. Now if the Doggfather himself gives head to the doggystyle position, then you know it must be something spectacular. For those of you who don't know exactly how this position works, I'd suggest watching the Discovery channel. Seeing a horse mount another horse will paint a vivid picture for you. Being that it's very animalistic in nature, this position shouldn't be approached with a timid or conservative attitude. In fact, if you really want to enjoy this position to the maximum, you must embrace the animal inside you.

We spend so much time trying to remove ourselves from the true animals that we are and consequently, we lose touch with nature. By using the doggystyle position you are not only expanding your sexual horizons, but also becoming one with nature. While doggystyle is a widely celebrated act for an overwhelming majority of the mammal kingdom, it's not quite as renowned among human beings. This is unfortunate because under our cloaks of "civility" there prowls a flesh-thirsty creature of the wild just waiting to reclaim its untamed appetite for sex. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but missionary just isn't doing it. Leave it up to a group of conservative white-haired men to try and detach us from nature by creating the "more appropriate" form of intercourse. The missionary position was named after the 19th century Christian missionaries who believed that man on top was the only natural and proper position for intercourse. But what's more natural than the position embraced by Mother Nature herself?

Doggystyle is so great that there are variations on how it can be positioned. You can do it the normal way – on your knees on a flat surface. Another, more intimate, position would be the giver laying directly on top of the receiver while both are facing the bed. Of course, you shouldn't feel limited to just these variations. You might even want to strengthen your bond with nature by pursuing your partner as though your species' survival was dependent on it. Have your partner run around the room (or forest) as if running away from you. Your job is to try to pounce on him or her as though you were chasing prey. To make it even more realistic, have your partner continue to squirm until you've mounted successfully. Once engaged in the act of love, arch your heads up towards the ceiling (or sky) and howl, bark, roar or cackle in celebration of your intimate union. Doggystyle is a very dominant position. Depending on your preference, you can role-play accordingly. If you like being Sheena, queen of the jungle, then mount on up. However, women in heterosexual relationships can't really mount their boyfriends from behind. That is ladies, unless your boyfriend is into strap-ons and the activities that accompany them. In case it's not his thing, then you can try the always-dominant woman on top position. On the flip side, you might enjoy being the fly trapped in a spider's web. Switching positions each time so that each person can be predator or prey is always a great compromise.

Some people might have qualms about being the receiver because it makes them feel inferior. I'm very confident in my independence, but I still enjoy falling victim to a predator from time to time. It's not wrong to be the devious little mouse caught stealing cheese by the ravenous cat. Indeed, it can only lead to a good time for our inner masochists. Let the little kitten slap you around like a ball of yarn for a little while. After all, you were caught stealing. I realize that some women can construe the role of the prey as a form of submission to a dominant figure. Playing the submissive role in bed does in no way constitute a dependent, vulnerable person in all other aspects of life. Not if you don't want it to. It's simply fun.

We only live life once – or at least one life at a time – so why not live it to the fullest? Expanding your horizons whether sexually or otherwise is key to living a fulfilling life. You don't want to look back on your sex life and see only boring missionary sex once a week, do you? No, you want to see on-going porn! You want to reminisce about two savage creatures engaged in interaction.

You want to remember just how good it felt, and how heavy your panting was. Well, doggystyle is a surefire way to get you to that point. And remember, if Snoop says it's cool, then it must be!

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