I'm at my house, in Raleigh, North Carolina. For those of you who don't know me, I'm currently a student at UNC-CH, so I live in a dorm during the semester. But in this dream, I'm at my house. Running around my front yard are two big, vicious dogs, (I'm talking blood-dripping from their fangs, snarling attack dogs). And I've always been afraid of dogs, so for me this is scary as all hell.

But also in the front yard -- and apparently unfazed by the dogs is one of my good friends, Anna, and she's trying to come in through the door. In response to what is, in my dream, a major dilemma, I decide to crack open the door and let her squeeze through, while keeping the dogs out. She succeeds in getting in, and the scene changes.

(The things that happen during a scene change in a dream happen)

All of a sudden, I'm standing with a nondescript group of my friends on the edge of a field, surrounded by pine trees. In the field, near us but apparently unable to notice us is a Homeland Security officer, holding the two attack dogs from Scene 1. He's chasing this suspected terrorist, who for all accounts and purposes looks like a perfectly nice, vaguely middle eastern, woman -- I'm torn between helping her out, since it seems like she's being unfairly arrested, and just keeping my distance, to avoid any danger to myself. She sees this, and as she's being carried off, turns to me and makes a wiggly sort of hand gesture, as if its a word in sign language or something. "Bring this message to my people back home," she says.

Now, I'm certifiably freaking the fuck out. I'm sure to be perceived as also a suspected terrorist, and if I'm arrested not only will I have to deal with those dogs, but also with all the normal torturous evils of being an enemy of the state. So I turn to all of my friends, who are much less hysterical, and try to convince them to run away with me into the woods.

Much persuading later, they follow, and we're about to take up refuge in the pine straw. Except all over the place, wherever I try to burrow down and hide, are the creatures of the forest, copulating like they ain't nothing but mamals, which of course, they ain't. Except, they're going at it missionary-style, which from my limited viewing of Animal Planet as a kid, I think isn't quite the natural way for a squirrel to make love. Anyhow, all around me is fur-on-fur, fast-paced action, and its at once just the teensiest bit arousing and cute, like cheek-pinching-worthy cute. And then I wake up.

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