My oldest daughter is 14, and is scared that her folks can read minds.

My wife and I are very close. We've been friends for about 26 years, married for 15 of them. Ever since high school, we've been able to "see" what each other was thinking from time to time. The icing on the cake was when I called her one day, and she said, "Guess what?"
"You bought a car?"
Dead silence for almost a full minute.
"How the hell did you guess that?"

She never said she was getting a car, it was a spur-of-the-moment type thing. I have no idea why I guessed that.

Since we've been married, we can start a sentence and stop, because we know the message went across before the words got out. I'll be sitting watching an anime with my oldest daughter, and I'll say, "Damn, I should've put the coffee on."

Thirty seconds later, my wife walks in with a cup of coffee. Yes, coincidence, but it happens with astonishing regularity.

Back to my daughter. We can figure out something is wrong with her very quickly. We've caught her doing odd things wrong from time to time, as most young teens will do. She cannot figure out how the hell we knew.

Being the evil sonuvabitch that I am, I've told her that mind-reading is a natural thing that becomes active when you hit 18 years of age. Once she decided to test me, and told me to pick a number between one and one hundred. I guessed it, and that was pure luck.

She's been worried that I'm stealing her thoughts ever since.

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