Aquablue is a French comics (or bandes dessinées). It has been created by Thierry Cailleteau and Olivier Vatine. After four albums, the drawing was done by Ciro Tota. It is edited by Delcourt.


In a not-too-distant future, Nao is the only rescapé of a space shipwreck, the young orphan is then educated by Cybot, a robot children's nurse which never leaves him.

They land on the Aquablue planet and discover a peaceful world covered of oceans where lives a people of fishermen, impregnated of a mystique culture. Nao is quickly adopted by one of the villages.

Time passes peacefully, and Nao falls in love with Mi-Nuée. But suddenly, a company from Earth, the TEXEC, establish hydraulic power stations on the planet. Ecology is not one of the strong points of this company, the life becomes difficult for the fishermen.

Then follows a merciless war between the powerful armies from Earth and the fishermen.

The entire series consists of eight albums:

  1. Nao (drawing by Vatine)
  2. Planète bleue (drawing by Vatine)
  3. Le Mégophias (drawing by Vatine)
  4. Corail noir (drawing by Vatine)
  5. Projet Atalanta (drawing by Tota)
  6. Étoile Blanche, première partie (drawing by Tota)
  7. Étoile Blanche, deuxième partie (drawing by Tota)
  8. Fondation Aquablue (drawing by Tota)

What I really loved in that BD, is its drawings, beautiful. Of course, I also liked its scenario, but there are too many characters inspired from Star Wars: Carlo (as Han Solo), Rabah (as Chewbacca), their spaceship, the Stromboli (as the Millennium Falcon), and even Cybot (as C-3PO). Obviously, Nao is the series' Luke Skywalker, but he is not a Jedi! ;-) Oh yes: Mi-Nuée is princess Leia (oh, not really, as she falls in love with Luke).

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