Planète bleue is an album from the Aquablue series of comics (or Bandes dessinees), published in 1989 (ISBN: 2-906187-30-5).

"Planète bleue" is also the French for "blue planet".


Far from the Aquablue ocean-planet, where he grew among peaceful fishermen, Nao discovers another blue sphere: Earth.

It is here that the young orphan intends to defend the rights of his people, threatened by a disastrous industrial colonization.

This goal, will only be reached, if he obtains the legitimate heritage which will make him a powerful man.

But this out-of-water fish will have to face more than one trap tended by "civilized" men, whereas his adoptive planet is transformed into a vast ice-barrier (is this the good term for the French "banquise"?)...

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