Fondation Aquablue is an album from the Aquablue series of comics (or Bandes dessinees), published in 2001 (ISBN: 2-84055-468-2).

This story, strongly inspired from Jurassic Park, is – to me – only a mercantile continuation of the series, and it does not contribute much to it. It remains that the making is always a masterly one. A less requisite album than the previous ones.


Nao at last could get his legacy duty for the inheritance from his parents, and takes over the Morgenstern company. But rather than sit looking at his fortune growing, he preferred creating the Fondation Aquablue.

On bord of the Uruk Uru, a freighter reorganized into a scientific explorer vessel, he and his team henceforth travel through space, in order to study its mysteries and to transmit this knowledge to all.

Their first expedition led them on DOYLE-1800, a young planet showing plenty of similarities with the prehistoric Earth. This virgin world is condemned at short notice by an inescapable spatial cataclysm, but there is not the real threat.

Indeed, if dinosaurs populating the planet are a wonder, and a subject of study to the Fondation’s members, other visitors of DOYLE-1800 don’t see anything else than game… and benefit!

And the game becomes often dangerous when it is driven...

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