Nao is an album from the Aquablue series of comics (or Bandes dessinees), published in 1989 (ISBN: 2-906187-35-6).


In a not-so-distant future, Nao is the only rescapé of a space shipwreck, the young orphan lands on an unknown planet: Aquablue...

He discovers a paradisiac world there: covered of oceans, where peaceful fishermen will undertake his education.

But for Nao, this ideal life will be of short duration.

Other men from Earth soon arrive at Aquablue, to create an industrial complex which will cause the planet return to the glacial era!

In the unequal fight which begins, Nao will play a determining role: holder of a mysterious heritage, he has also a privileged link with the most powerful inhabitant of Aquablue...

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