Modified Correllian freighter owned by Han Solo who won it (several times) from Lando Calrissian in various games of cards. The ship has a reputation for being the fastest in the galaxy and made the Kessel run in twelve parsecs. While a parsec is a measure of distance, this actually makes sense as the region around Kessel is populated by lots of black holes, and by doing the run in 12 parsecs, the Falcon went closer to the gravity wells than any other ship. The shorter distance gave a faster flight time.


Corporate Sector Authority / Security Police

The highly modified tramp freighter known (on the plurality of its many illegal sets of documentation) as the Millennium Falcon is, according to all accounts, the property of one Han Solo. This individual is captain of said ship, and his crew varies from being one Wookiee (appellation Chewbacca) to sometimes including a general purpose labor droid named Bollux. The vessel was originally a Corellian YT-100 Cargo Transport; most of its modifications are internal, leaving the external silhouette no more or less different from original than most surviving ships of this class plying the spaceways.

Our contacts in the Imperial Shipping Registry and the Imperial Starfleet report that the Millennium Falcon and its crew are known associates of such infamous Discorporates as Ploovoo Two-for-One, Jabba the Hutt of Nal Hutta, and the illicit shipyard operations run by the individuals known as 'Doc' and 'Jessa.' The Directors of the Corporate Sector Authority have authorized the reward of ten million Imperial credits for the capture (live) of this crew and the repossession of this vessel.

WARNING: This ship has been seen in contact with the Rebel Alliance, a band of malcontents operating in Imperial Space. Their ranks have recently been swelled by the appearance and recruitment of old Republic Star Force ships and crew; in addition, the Sith Lord Darth Vader has taken a personal interest in this vessel. Exercise extreme caution.


The coolest Lego kit ever. It combines the coolness factor of old school Star Wars along with Lego. Just like Reese's Cups, two great things that go great together. If my childhood was a Venn Diagram, Lego would be one circle, Star Wars the other, and their intersection would be a Lego Millennium Falcon.

I received one for Christmas and I stayed up until 2am building it. I was truly in a state of Lego Zen.

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