Anne of Cleves was born to John III, Duke of Cleves and Marie of Julich, in Dusseldorf, Germany, on September 22, 1515.

Anne married Henry VIII on January 6, 1540, in Greenwich, England. As has been mentioned elsewhere, Henry was unattracted to Anne. Though he slept with his wife, the marriage was apparently not consumated.

Henry's eye had wandered to Katherine Howard, most likely before he married Anne, and he wanted out of the marriage. Anne, apparently no fool, gave Henry no problems and he was able to obtain an annulment of their marriage from the Anglican Convocation on July 9, 1540.

Anne retired from court with the title "King's Sister". Henry gave her Hever Castle, (former home of another wife named Anne Boleyn) for her home and a generous allowance. She maintained a good rapport with Henry's children and rode with Elizabeth to Mary's coronation.

Anne of Cleves died on July 17, 1557, in Chelsea and is buried in Westminster Abbey.


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