Earl of Southampton (1537-1542)
Born c.1490 Died 1542

In 1537 Sir William Fitzwilliam, Lord High Admiral of England, was created Earl of Southampton. A son of Sir William Fitzwilliam of Aldwarke, near Rotherham, Fitzwilliam was a companion in boyhood of Henry VIII, and was knighted for his services at the siege of Tournai in 1513. Later he was treasurer of Cardinal Wolsey's household, and was sent several times to France on diplomatic business. As vice-admiral he commanded a fleet when England and France were at war in 1523. He was comptroller of the royal household, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, and keeper of the privy seal. He went to Calais to conduct Anne of Cleves to England and wrote in flattering terms to Henry about his bride. While marching with the English army into Scotland he died at Newcastle in October 1542. He left no sons and his titles became extinct.

Extracted from the entry for SOUTHAMPTON, EARL OF in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, the text of which lies within the public domain.

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