Also known as Saint Ann, she was the mother of The Virgin Mary, and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. She was married to St. Joachim. The two had thought that they were not able to have children, when they were visited by an angel who informed them that they would conceive quite shortly. They did, and the rest, as they say, is history.

St. Anne is the patron saint of women in labor, housewives, grandmothers, cabinet makers, unmarried women, miners, dealers in used clothes, seamstresses, stablemen, and broommakers. She is also the patron of Canada, and again for Quebec, Norwich, Connecticut, Seama, New Mexico, Taos, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Brittany, Malaysia, South Vietnam, and the Mi'kmaq peoples, among a host of others.

She is invoked against poverty and to find lost items. Her feast day is July 26.

Parents of Mary, pray for all parents that they may provide the loving home and faithful teaching that you provided your daughter. Amen

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This writeup is not about Saint Anne Line or Saint Anne Pak A-gi. It is certainly not about Blessed Anne of Saint Bartholomew, who was beatified, but is not yet a saint.

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