i was over at a party-type thing in the student center at Purdue, as part of fish orientation... i'm wandering around at the beginning of the thing, there are events all over the place. And i come across an arcade. Sweet! There's *pinball*! Ooh! even *better* there's the Star Wars trilogy arcade game! One of those ones where you sit in a highbacked chair, like an X-wing pilot's chair and fly an X-wing, an a-wing, and a speeder bike on different stages. NICENESS!!!

So of course i run over to the doller changer and get a handfull of quarters (life has few happinesses like a handfull of quarters...) and begin to play the Trilogy. While looking around between stages, i gradually realize i am the *only* woman in the entire arcade. It was pretty empty when i came in, so i didn't notice really the makeup of the group... but shortly after that it started filling up--with all guys. Then i notice, via the reflections in the screen, that there are ten or twelve guys standing behind me watching me play. Intently. Very intently. I was also almost the only person playing to be watched at all. The guys just played, that was fine and normal, everything's cool. But i had attracted an audience. I mentally shrugged to myself and went on with my game.

So i finish the game. I guess i "win" it--i completed successfully two out of three stages. lost both the bonus rounds but whatever... So i stand up from my chair. Turn around.

From each and every guy clustered around my chair i get this look. Somewhere between astonishment, awe, and extreme fear. I get that look for half a second. Then they all *bolt*. just *split*. like bowling pins or something, just BAM! gone. I just walk out, smirking...

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