Born in 1688: Died in 1688: Events of 1688:
  • Higashi-yama had acceeded to the throne of Japan the previous year.  1688 is the traditional start of the Genroku Era, a flowering of Japanese literature, arts, and theater.
  • Mennonites in Germantown, Pennsylvania issue a resolution condemning slavery.
  • Jean de La Bruyère publishes his most important work, Les Caractères de Théophraste.
  • Greek adventurer Constantine Phaulkon has risen to the post of Phra Narai's premier, and has expanded trade with the West.  However, Siamese nobles are unhappy over the influence Westerners, especially Phaulkon, have over Narai, who is bedridden by this time.  Phaulkon has allowed the French too much freedom for their liking, and when French missionaries attempt to convert Narai to Catholicism, the aristocrats have had enough.  Different sources have Narai dying of old age, or falling on his sword when his sons enter the palace in Ayutthaya to murder him, or General Phra Phetracha killing the whole royal family.  At any rate, Narai is dead.  A brief revolution follows, after which Phra Phetratcha has come out on top. Phaulkon is captured and executed; the French are expelled from Siam.  All Western traders except the Dutch (i.e. the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) are forbidden from the country.
  • Maximillian, elector of Bavaria, captures Belgrade and several other cities in Serbia from The Ottoman Empire.
  • Louis XIV sends an army into The Palatinate, touching off a war with the German League of Augsburg.
  • The Glorious Revolution:
    • James II attempts to suspend the penal laws by issuing a Declaration of Indulgence permitting freedom of worship for everyone in his realm, including Dissenters and Roman Catholics. Seven bishops refuse his order to read the Declaration in their cathedrals, and James has them arrested for seditious libel.  They are acquitted at trial, and most of the country lines up against James.
    • Sir Edmund Andros has talked James into revoking the charters of East Jersey and West Jersey, and these are bundled into the Dominion of New England.
    • James' wife Mary of Modena gives birth to a son (see above), guaranteeing the continuation of the Catholic Stewart line.
    • The Tory faction in Parliament sees James' actions as a threat to their authority and prominent Tories write a famous letter inviting James's Protestant daughter Mary and her husband, William III, Stadtholder of the Netherlands, to take over the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland.  William leads a small force across the English Channel in November and occupies Exeter.   Important nobles, especially Princess Anne, begin to defect to William.  Mary flees to France with her infant. James attempts to flee as well, but is captured by fishermen on the Isle of Sheppey.  He is held under guard at Rochester.

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