What happened in the year 1170?


  • Norman invasion of Ireland

    In 1166, the exiled King Dermot of Leinster tried to raise a force of Norman knights to re-conquer his lands. He obtained a license to do so from Henry II, and persuaded Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke (known as 'Strongbow'), to help him by making Strongbow his heir. He landed in County Wexford on 1st May 1170, and later that year, had re-conquered Leinster. Suddenly, one of Henry's barons was in the position to take a major holding in Ireland, so Henry closed all Irish ports and ordered the Normans home. Strongbow disobeys, Dermot dies the next year, making Strongbow the King of Leinster, and Henry arrives with a large force to control his vassal, and accept the fealty of the Irish nobles.

  • Henry II holds a parliament at Windsor

  • The Toltec city of Tula in the Valley of Mexico, on the shores of Lake Xaltocan, was ransacked.

  • Saladin won the power struggle in Egypt, conquering it for the Seljuk Sultan, Nureddin.

  • Coup d'état against Korean Goryeo dynasty.

    A group of Korean army officers led by Jeong Jungbu and Lee Uibang launched a move against King Injong and succeeded. The king went into exile and Myeongjong was made king. Myeongjong was the 3rd son of King Injong and functioned as a puppet ruler of the military regieme. Military rule of Goryeo began.

  • A transit of Mars across Jupiter on 12 September was observed by the monk and chronicler Gervase of Canterbury, and by Chinese astronomers.



1169 -O- 1171

12th century

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