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19/05/07 back now - have been absent from e2 for a while, possibly due to not being a student anymore.

17/05/05 Level 3!!! (well, as a result of the level jiggery-pokery)

12/02/04 Dies dierum! 2 C!, a blessing and attaining Level 2!

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. - Sir Winston Churchill, Speech at Harvard University, 6th September, 1943


IWhoSawTheFace gbulmer++ A new E2 force to be reckoned with

My C!hing Leaderboard....

  1. aneurinx5 & wertperchx5- It's neck and neck...
  2. SharQx4 - Nearly there
  3. Glowing Fishx3 Lometax3
  4. = Doubles: anthropodx2 dem bonesx2 drownzsurfx2 Heisenbergx2 jessicapiercex2 sidx2 XWizx2
  5. And everyone else, thank you all: ariels ascorbic Catchpole Chiiusta CloudStrife czeano dannye doyle Gamaliel gitm iamkaym IndigoSky JohnnyGoodyear kto9 liveforever mauler montecarlo morven nine9 NinjaPenguin Omnidirectional Halo Palpz peanut Simulacron3 sloebertje teleny Tem42 Tiefling Timeshredder Transitional Man Wiccanpiper

Ooh! I love it here....
2004-24-10 11:45 bipolarbear i had a dream about gbulmer last night.

2004-24-10 11:47 bipolarbear this means i spend too much time on e2.

2004-02-23 12:16:07 Mitzi: gbulmer, really lovely node there on Scottish Banknotes!

2004.01.12 at 20:31 (britnoders) Andrew Aguecheek says noder on tv, on the right

2004.01.12 at 20:34 (britnoders) BuffcorePhil says which one, which one?

2004.01.12 at 20:36 (britnoders) Heisenberg says bulmer: right on the un o. st. andrews team

2004.01.12 at 20:37 (britnoders) BuffcorePhil says hey, there he is! Go gbulmer!

2004.01.12 at 20:48 (britnoders) BuffcorePhil says re: open university: One our very own gbulmer's team, I want to have red haired Fotheringham's babies.

2004.01.12 at 20:51 (britnoders) Teiresias says I *almost* got onto University Challenge, but then a bunch of posh bastards from St. Some-odd-or-others at Oxford knocked us out in the round before I got to be on telly

2004.01.12 at 20:51 (britnoders) BuffcorePhil says well, she can ching me any time. Queens are rubbish! ;-)

2004.01.12 at 20:59 (britnoders) TenMinJoe says You provoked Jeremy Paxman into a "No conferring!", gbulmer, well done.

2004.01.12 at 21:01 (britnoders) BuffcorePhil says yeah! A whupping was handed out there - take that Belfast!

2004.01.12 at 21:04 (britnoders) JohnnyGoodyear says Well done BUlmer, now do something about your home node, standards to maintain y'know, now that Jeremy may be popping in for tea.

2004.03.08 at 09:56 (britnoders) Heisenberg says feck. can't watch it here in NZ. Good luck to you!

2004.03.08 at 10:08 (britnoders) amnesiac says furthest right, but which University? and right from your perspective or ours, how does that translate to the up & under shot they have of both teams (yes, when i was younger i thought they really had 2 tiers) ..or for simplicity's sake

2004.03.08 at 10:08 (britnoders) amnesiac says why don't you just tell us your name?

2004.03.08 at 10:10 (britnoders) Shatner's Bassoon says it really is G Bulmer

2004.03.08 at 10:12 (britnoders) spiregrain says amnesiac was channeling paxo, there. What a barrage of questions.

2004.03.08 at 11:28 (britnoders) RalphyK says bloody students

2004.03.08 at 11:40 (britnoders) fondue says Channeling Paxo? Oo-er.

2004.03.08 at 21:00 (britnoders) arieh says Well done, Gbulmer for a convincing victory. And on the Java question. didn't do so well on the art stuff, though.

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