The 1965 book by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre about August 1944: before, during and after the liberation by the Allies of Nazi-occupied Paris. Banally written, but some parts capture the urgency and exhilaration of the time--the entry of the first U.S. troops into Paris, French civilians and Americans battling the Germans in the streets, tank warfare on the Champs Elysees. The title refers to Hitler's wish that Paris be razed to the ground rather than surrendered to the Allies.

A concept similar to the pearly crimson panic and utter stillness imbued in the words of Jean Paul Sartre in Iron in the Soul, part of an existential trilogy inspired by the war and his letters to Simone De Beauvoir during his service in it.

Ruggedly written, indulgently brutal.

Also the final level in the Commandos 2 : Men Of Courage computer game, by Pyro Studios and published by Eidos in 2001.

The level refers to the book by revolving around a German plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower, presumably as a metaphor for Paris and/or France. So, it's up to your plucky band of SOE operatives to stop the dastardly Jerries and save Paris. You have to use all the skills you acquired during the previous levels, and it takes a very, very large amount of time and patience to complete.

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