Systems Administrator and author of one of the most loved SysAdmin books of all time, Essential System Administration by O'Reilly and Associates Her breadth of Unix knowlege, common sense, and great writing style deem that her books be added to your arsenal of technical resources on your desk. For those of you who have the hellish task of running an NT box instead of a glorious Unix machine, she has also written a Essential Windows NT System Administration book.

A goddess. All of the above and more: Frisch has a B.S. in Literature from Caltech as well as a Ph.D. in English and Cultural Studies from the University of Pittsburg. Her research obsession is the literary and cultural analysis of late 18th century scientific and political texts. Her first paying job was administration of four VMS VAXs supporting Intergraph CAD-CAM workstations and she is currently Lord High of a heterogeneous UNIX and PC farm.

She is the author of the "Systems Wrangler" column in RS/Magazine, is a poet and an artist, and digs murder mystery games. But wait, there's more! (phrick, I feel really lazy now). She is the co-author of 'Exploring Chemistry with Electronic Structure Methods' and has written many technical manuals and articles, including a multipart piece on 'Maximizing Linux Security' in Issue 21 of the Linux Journal. Frisch is writing a novel and plans to write a beginning programming book for children age 10-ish.

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