It's a stupid concept, I know, but I figured I'd throw it up here.

We all get tired of those people that bring kids and they cause a ruckus and shit. The kids run all over the damn place, yell, make all sorts of noise. It gets annoying.

Movies aren't really too cheap nowadays, and I expect to be able to hear without stupid people or kids creating noise or a distraction. I've already paid gas money to get there- a lot already, and snacks are already expensive from day one.

It came up as a random topic, talking to my friend, but I thought up the idea of a Shut The Fuck Up Theater- a place where they throw you out for excessive talking or noise. Yes, I know, it's pretty self-centered, but hell, a movie theater is for enjoying a movie quietly, not creating chaos.

There's been various little ideas running around on how this should be ran. I've thought of simply having the traditional theater setup, with one huge auditorium for all and basically throwing everyone out that violates said terms. This can get to be hard to do, so another approach has been devised.

Despite being costly, the idea of smaller seating arrangements has been thought of. The same terms will be in effect, only the punishments will be different. Said movie will be paused instead of throwing the violator out for an interval of time. Ushers will still be employed though- if the person's just causing a problem to annoy everyone, the usher will take steps to remove the troublemaker from the premises.

In both said cases, where an individual is removed or leaves the building, no money will be refunded. Such is the risk one takes when entering the establishment.

Now, some will say that talking while at movies is a fact of life. This I understand- you might sneeze, or need to alert your neighbor next to you that you need to use the facilities- and that is quite reasonable. What I am referring to here is talking excessively in the theater, or creating a vast amount of chaos- your cellphone going off being an example. I spend my well-earned money to see a movie; I'd rather not have my experience spoiled by someone else.

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