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The world is what you think it is- quit thinking it sucks.
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Lostpsion /ˈlȯst-ˈsīˈȯn/ - See Old PDA, or see psion.

Figured I'd fill in this somehow with useful information. Or completely useless information.

Bah, as long as something's here.

My current goals? Write something everyday; can't say I'm progressing well at this ideal, but its keeping with it that is what keeps me going. I would employ the thought of writing always, but I'm looking at quality control. Can't go throwing up lame nodes everyday, or even once a week- thus, it won't happen- the idea of daily nodes. So, I'm hoping by putting myself in a habit, it'll become easier, at least marginally.

Oh. So you wanted to actually read something about me. I'll shave it down to three words: Indiana, twenty-four, student. I know twenty-four can be counted as two words or a hyphenated word, but eh, wanted to keep up with the scheme.