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Why it's important to read this before you begin writing

Everything2 may be unlike anything you have met before. Writers are rewarded for their writing, and gain certain privileges as they gain in experience.

XP is an imaginary number granted to you by an
anonymous stranger. Treat it as such.


You begin as a Level 0 user. Level 1 users and up can vote on others' writeups. Once you have voted you will see the voting pattern of that writeup.

Use these votes wisely! The reputation of a writeup doesn't mean it will be deleted, nor does it mean it will not be deleted, but it acts as one way to qualify written work and to help editors find what can often be a weak writeup. If one of your writeups is deleted, you will lose the five XP you gained when posting it.

Try to vote according to the standard of writing, not because you agree or disagree with what someone has written.

Voting and deletion are two ways we try to keep quality writeups coming in - a hastily/poorly written writeup will often gain a negative reputation. Conversely, if your writeups are voted up by your fellow users, you will gain XP. Details are below.

Note: not all powers are gained instantly upon reaching a new level: votes and C!s refresh at midnight server time.


One important power is the ability to grant a "C!" (also known as "C!ing" or "chinging"). Beginning at 4th level, users will get the ability to C! an individual writeup by clicking the C! located next to the voting buttons. This will give the author of the writeup twenty XP, and kick the writeup to the front page and the Cool Archive for all to see.

Use these chings wisely! Just because you have chings doesn't mean you should use them with careless abandon. Most users view a writeup's chings as an endorsement of quality regardless of the impulsive reason you may have chosen to bestow that "Attaboy". Do you really want your name to be associated with something that we might consider to be stupid ten minutes/days/months from now? Think twice before you click on that C!; chings spent in haste can be regretted in leisure.

A writeup can be C!d any number of times, but only once by any given user.


Each of your writeups earns you 5 XP in addition to all the XP you get when people vote it up or cool it. If created using the guidelines detailed in The perfect node, they will pay off many times over in XP.

The voting/level system:

(Note: You must meet both requirements to reach a level, and you lose the level if you drop below either requirement).

Your user level is in bold.

Show me all levels from Level to Level

LevelLevel TitleXP ReqWriteups ReqVotes per DayC!s per Day

Bugs go to mauler.


You can gain or lose XP in the following ways only:

Please note that under this system, the XP requirement is entirely out of proportion to the writeup requirement. There is no correlation between number of writeups and the amount of XP one could reasonably be expected to have given that number of writeups. The writeup requirement exists solely as a safety net against unusual situations rather than a level guideline, and XP is the key value for advancement.

Note: If a writeup you've submitted has accrued a positive reputation and it is deleted, you will not "lose" any XP you'd already gained for the + votes. You will only lose the 5 XP you got when you initially posted the writeup.

Gaining and losing XP for adding and deleting also applies to "housekeeping" write-ups like Writeup Deletion Request and Node Title Edit. It can be disconcerting to gain and lose XP from these, but that's life.

You can gain or lose GP in the following ways, and possibly others:

The administration does not take the voting and experience point system too terribly seriously.

Woe to those who do.

If this is not clear, ask questions in the Chatterbox or approach the E2 Staff

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