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1 2S6M Tunguska (thing) archiewood writeup
2 A-10 Thunderbolt II (thing) The Custodian writeup
3 A-6 Intruder (thing) toalight writeup
4 A-7D Corsair II (thing) DataJunkie writeup
5 ABL (thing) plonk plonk writeup
6 ABL (thing) The Custodian writeup
7 AC-130H/U Gunship (thing) The Custodian writeup
8 ACH-47A (thing) RabidMonkey writeup
9 Agni (thing) Langdon writeup
10 AH-1W Super Cobra (thing) Kit Lo writeup
11 AH-64 Apache (thing) lordaych writeup
12 AIM-54 Phoenix (thing) Kaleja writeup
13 AIM-54 Phoenix (thing) sekicho writeup
14 AIM-7 Sparrow (thing) The Custodian writeup
15 AIM-7 Sparrow (thing) DrSeudo writeup
16 Akula (thing) SkiBum5 writeup
17 Akula (thing) Kaleja writeup
18 Antonov An-124 Ruslan (thing) sekicho writeup
19 Antonov An-225 Mriya (thing) gn0sis writeup
20 ASROC (thing) The Custodian writeup
21 Avro CF-105 Arrow (thing) eddieb writeup
22 Avro Vulcan (thing) toalight writeup
23 B-1B Lancer (thing) jkonrath writeup
24 B-1B Lancer (thing) Ashley Pomeroy writeup
25 B-2 Spirit (thing) dRiVeN writeup
26 B-29 Superfortress (thing) MrFurious writeup
27 B-36 Peacemaker (thing) SkiBum5 writeup
28 B-52 Stratofortress (thing) Capone writeup
29 BAC TSR.2 (thing) The Custodian writeup
30 BMP-1 (thing) DejaMorgana writeup
31 BMP-2 (thing) DejaMorgana writeup
32 C-130 Hercules (thing) TerribleAspect writeup
33 C-17 Globemaster III (thing) The Custodian writeup
34 C-2A Greyhound (thing) Caliban writeup
35 C-5 Galaxy (thing) impulsenine writeup
36 C-5 Galaxy (thing) The Custodian writeup
37 C-9 Nightingale (thing) sekicho writeup
38 CH-47 Chinook (thing) iain writeup
39 Charles de Gaulle (thing) sql*kitten writeup
40 Cobra Ball (thing) e2reneta writeup
41 Crusader (thing) The Custodian writeup
42 DDG-51 (thing) The Custodian writeup
43 DSRV (thing) SkiBum5 writeup
44 E-3 Sentry (thing) DataJunkie writeup
45 E-767 AWACS (thing) sekicho writeup
46 EC-121 Warning Star (thing) eeyore14 writeup
47 EF-111A Raven (thing) mllwswpr writeup
48 Eurofighter Typhoon (thing) Lila writeup
49 Exocet (thing) The Custodian writeup
50 F-100 Super Sabre (thing) toalight writeup

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