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I'm trying to become a renaissance man, and this is a damn fine place to start. As far as the improvement of E2, I'd like to contribute everything I know that I feel hasn't really been covered .. which is a fair amount. Not an once, though... : )
Graphics, Music, some History, Trivia, Astronomy, Cause & Effect
University of Arizona
I want to learn everything in the world!
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I'm a college student at the University of Arizona, studying Graphic Design and Music Composition. I have a homepage at and They say much more about me, plus a band of sorts, that I write music for.

My interests are as about varied as the topics on this website.

A few things I've come up with that sound nice (though some, I think, came from extra-cranial memes):

I practice creativity through chaos.

Good, informal conversation is the art of finding tangents.

I don't buy Ambercrombie & Fitch, or Gap, or any of those stores, because I don't like the idea of paying some large company a great deal of my money to advertise their product.

High school is like playing a video game without knowing the controls.

The more you understand your opponent's argument, the better you can both understand your own and defend your opinion.

Economics and Psychology are two of the most annoying examples of how predictable people really are.

Music is the finest drug

What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar?