I had a disturbing incident yesterday. I took my daughter to lunch at a local fast food restaraunt. The girl behind the register was very pleasant and we placed our order. There were probably 5 other parties in the place, and I didnt notice that none of them had food. After a bit, a couple of the people started talking, complaining about not getting their food. Time drew on, and no food was forthcoming and more people were coming in and ordering. Finally I went up to ask....on the counter behind the pleasant girl were tray upon tray of food. She had carefully sorted it so that all the burgers were on one tray, all the fries on another, etc. She had all our tickets in front of her and was just staring, obviously unable to figure out how to sort the food into the orders. I watched her for a few seconds, and realized that this poor girl was simply unable to do this. I pointed out what had been on my order and she gave me my food. The the rest of the crowd started getting rude to her, angry and beligerant. The worse they got, the more confused she became. And the food piled up. So did her anger and confusion...and something like terror that I saw in her eyes....that she couldn't even do a simple thing like fill an order in a fast food resturaunt. The look in her eyes made me sad and made me feel very very lucky for being who and how I am.