Star Wars
Snow Trooper

A snow trooper, who are almost always used in cold weather situations, wears a two-piece black temperature control body gloves. Over this is an 18-piece outer shell that has been changed to include more powerful heating units. To make it possible for them to breath in extremely cold air or dangerous atmospheres, a breather hood is put over the snow trooper’s faceplate and is attached to the suit. Each trooper is given a utility belt that contains high-tension wire, grappling hooks, ion flares, blaster ammo, a survival kit, and food and water packs. Snow troopers carry blaster pistols, blaster rifles, and two concussion grenades.

Blizzard Force snow troopers are trained to work with Imperial walkers. They are trained to hit a planet fast and hard crushing any opposition quickly and completely. Once walkers secure an area, snow troopers move in and destroy any pockets of resistance.

When the Rebel base, known as Echo Base, on Hoth was found by the Empire, Darth Vader assigned the best Imperial Snow Trooper team, which was named the Blizzard Force, to General Maximilian Veers, then Vader ordered them to try to take the base. They attacked with their Imperial walkerss and ground troops, but before they could reach the base Rebels sent their forces out side to try and disable the walkers. The Rebels army consisted of ground troops that were using turret-mounted laser cannons and blaster rifles. Many people were able to evacuate the planet by using Rebel transport ships and starfighter escorts. The Blizzard Force was then able to take the base.

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