The conventional wisdom about nodevertising is that you're not supposed to mention your own writeups in the Chatterbox at all. This is not true; reliable sources have shown me the difference between good nodevertising, bad nodevertising, and false nodevertising.

Good nodevertising is a hard link in hypothetical noder Alice's chatterbox comment to a node with a clearly relevant, informative writeup also by Alice; see also targeted node marketing. Bad nodevertising is a catbox hard link to an irrelevant writeup done merely to attract readers to a writeup. Because this can qualify as spam, some users downvote nodevertised writeups. Whining about a writeup's reputation is also considered bad nodevertising; if you have genuine questions, take them up with an editor, as I did:

wharfinger says I think on-topic is okay, and I think the rest of the administrapo agree (or damn well should agree!) but it's a community-enforced thing and some nut who "doesn't get" the point behind the idea may take issue.
Fruan says People need to learn that GTKY is about presentation, not content. That NFN is about quality, not quantity and that nodevertizing is about maintaining S/N ratio, not humility. [This writeup] hit the nail on the head.
In general, it's a bad idea to link a writeup unless you're sure that the writeup is relevant to the topic at hand. If you're going to nodevertise, disclaim it: "For more info, see my writeup in false nodevertising."

I knew all this, but what's your point?

False nodevertising can mean a hard link:

(No, mallinking has nothing to do with malinka.)