a website in hong kong / california is offering shares in something ethereal that I think would be amusing to have one of. girls, maybe? I don't remember. so anyhow, I take the Instaflight to hong kong/california, and buy one, and also some official rollerblades, from the smiling fellow there. rowan is also there, with an entourage. feeling magnanimous, he is buying two shares, plus some dress shirts and three 3-D suits. the 3-D suits seem like a bigger and boxier version of what Max Headroom might wear. back at the tabhaus, only in the non-existent atrium dining room with views out to the ocean, rowan and I sit at the wooden dining table. We have a spirited argument about why rowan won't rollerblade with me; he says he gets too sweaty. I say don't you sweat when you bike! and he says not when I wear a helmet! so I ask him what colour his 3 3-D suits are, having high hopes for purple or something equally vibrant and silly. But no, he sadly replies, as his mother footed the bill for some reason, they are Chartreuse, Chartreuse, and Black. He sighs heavily and jumps out the window and flies away. I continue eating my homefries.